RADARSAT-1 Mosaics Released to the Public


Canada Mosaic

The Canadian Space Agency and MDA Geospatial Services today released high-resolution mosaics of Canada, the United States, Australia, Africa and Antartica. The mosaics are the product of 15 years of data collected by RADARSAT-1, Canada's first commercial earth observation satellite.

The images collected by RADARSAT-1 provide a snapshot in time that can be used for studying terrestrial geology, geomorphology, vegetation, coastal features, wetlands, urbanization and ice dynamics.

The image are now available to the general public and can downloaded without restriction on the CSA web site. It should be noted that the available files for download are extremely large and will take considerable time to download if you do not have a fast broadband connection. The data was received by the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing and processed by MDA.